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     If you are not satisfied with your relationship, if there has been broken trust, or if there are sexual issues....

now is a good time to contact me to start the healing and increase satisfaction. 

     If you keep having the same argument over and over, if you are frustrated, angry, or hurt...

now is a good time to contact me to improve communication and repair your relationship. 

     If you have mixed feelings about your partner, have "falling out of love", not sure if the relationship can be saved...

now is a good time to contact me to get clarity.


     I am a relationship specialist. I enjoy helping couples find hope, heal, gain new skills, and move forward to a more satisfying relationship. 

     Non-Traditional Couples​ Welcome  

Here are some relationship issues we can address in
couples counseling.

  • Relationship Repair

  • Infidelity

  • Trust Issues  & Jealousy

  • Pornography

  • Sexual Satisfaction & Dysfunctions

  • Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Emotional Intimacy

  • "Can this relationship be saved?"

  • One of us is leaning toward ending the relationship,

       one of us wants to keep trying

  • Divorce 

  • Nontraditional  Relationships


I have specialized training in 

     ~Gottman Marriage Therapy 

     ~EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy

     ~Discernment Counseling 

     ~Sex Therapy-Sexual Health 


Couples & Individuals, In-Person or Telehealth

$225 for each 50-minute session

No insurance accepted

Payments accepted: Credit, Debit, Cash, HSA, Venmo, Cash App

Payment is due at the time of service