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Individual Therapy

In-Person and Telehealth

     You don't have to continue suffering. There is hope for positive change.

     I want to create a safe space for you to heal from your past, get practical coping skills, find new ways of thinking and behaving, and feel better. Counseling can improve your mood, sense of well-being, relationships, and life satisfaction.

     Together we can create a plan to meet your personal therapeutic goals.

     These are some of the areas we can focus on in
individual counseling
  • Anxiety-stress, worry, intrusive thoughts, overthinking, social nervousness

  • Depression-grief, feeling stuck, low energy, generalized or excessive sadness, mood swings

  • Sexual Abuse Recovery

  • Sexual Concerns & Dysfunctions (E.D., low sex drive, unwanted pornography use )

  • Relationship issues, boundaries, codependency, intimacy, attachment, past hurts, trust, jealousy

  • Religious Abuse, Spirituality

  • LGBTQIA+, gender-nonconforming, transitioning​

  • Personality Assessments, Enneagram Coaching


Insurance does not cover/pay for couples counseling

No insurance accepted.

Some insurance companies will reimburse out-of-network 

providers for individual sessions or add your payment toward your deductible.

Payments accepted: Credit, Debit, Cash, HSA, Venmo, Cash App

Couples & Individuals, In-Person or Telehealth

$175 for a 50-minute session