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– “I can truly say, counseling with Valinda saved my marriage. I am eternally grateful.” M.T.

– “Valinda is so understanding and helpful. I consider her one of the safest places to be real”. L.S.

– “As a queer person, it was nice to have a therapist that supported me and understood my lifestyle. I didn’t have to explain it to her, she just got me. Thanks for helping me come out to my family”. CS

– “One of the most professional and wise therapists around. She has a gift with listening and responding. I highly recommend Valinda!” J.A.

– “Thank you for helping me get over my sexual issues. I never imagined I would be able to trust anyone again”. Thank you! J.W.

– “It was important to have a Christian counselor. It was great to be able to pray together. She understood my values. God Bless you for helping our marriage and family!” PG

– “Valinda helped me and my family so much. We were in a really bad place, my husband and I were fighting a lot. Our son just came out as gay and we didn’t know how to handle it. She helped our family stay in tack”. T.B.

– “I went to Valinda in a time of my life when most new mothers are full of joy and exhilaration, instead I was stumbling through postpartum depression and the shifting identity from career woman to stay at home mom. She became a constant source of grace and wisdom, offering her parental and marital insight”. V.S.

Valinda Harlan

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Wa.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Or.

National Certified Counselor


*No insurance accepted

Couples & Individuals:

$150 a 50 minute session

E-Counseling: Facetime,

Skype, or Zoom

$150 a 50 minute session

Payments accept: cash, credit, debit


*Some insurance companies will reimburse for out-of-network providers or add your payment toward your deductible.